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I Want to Go Home and See My Son Again
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I Saw It,I Shot it!
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The Crew Walks Through The Woods
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So Much Weird Shit
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So Much Weird Shit
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Original Score by Scott McLaughlin

TORN is a psychological thriller feature.

A troubled father, Peter Stube, retreats to Bilford, a town full of werewolf lore in hopes of dealing with personal demons. But to his dismay, he must face the truth of his troubled past or risk becoming part of the legend. In crafting the score to the 2023 release of TORN, I explored a score that combined acoustic instruments, sound design, and synthesized elements. Several instruments were designed specifically to craft the textured soundscapes and emotional lyrical themes.

Recognizing outstanding achievement, the music nominees were selected from more than 2,700 submissions that were judged by a pool of 1,000 peer professionals from across the television industry.  I’m proud to have scored this amazing series, and honored to have received an SCOTT Nomination for my work.

TORN is a psychological thriller feature, futuristic thriller psychological series features plenty of amazing talent in front of and behind the camera. Starring Alphonso FreemanDanny Vinson, along with Jordan Alexander, Hunter Thore, John Romanski,  Danielle Tarmey, Kinzie Correll, Paula Lacewell  and Bonnie and Ted Johnson 

Director: Ryen W. Thomas

Writing Credit: Jordan Alexander, Benjamin Johnson


Alphonso Freeman

Danny Vinson

Jordan Alexander

Hunter Thore

John Romanski

Danielle Tarmey

Kinzie Correll

Paula Lacewell

Bonnie and Ted Johnson



Executive Producer- Mukesh Modi



Ryen W. Thomas

Jordan Alexander

Manaj Narula

John Mathis

Radhika Shroff


Fort Film 93
Ashwin Films

Director: Ryen W. Thomas

As I stepped into my first music spotting session for "Torn" with Scott, I anticipated his usual mix of talent and enthusiasm. But what unfolded exceeded my hopes, offering not just collaboration but a true partner in storytelling. Scott's knack for layering the narrative with nuance invites me to revisit his score time and again, discovering fresh layers of depth with each listen. With his music, the story takes on a life of its own, intertwining seamlessly with every plot twist and character arc. Together, we're crafting a journey where every note evokes emotion and every melody hints at intrigue, painting a rich tapestry of sound and sensation.

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