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American Waste
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What he did with his music was evoke moods throughout. He emphasized certain points and underscored others. He set a tone that I can't imagine the movie without that music. It would be so blah without it.


 I look forward to working with Scott again and found him to be talented beyond measure, creative, original, versatile and very easy to work with. We had a great, consistent communication throughout the process and I recommend him to anyone who is looking for a down-to-earth musician-composer who is a true artist and a good human being.

Julie McElmurry, M.S., M.A., 6x Documentary Filmmaker-Director of Franciscan Passages

An award winning composer, interesting and intense soundtracks!

Gareth M. Richards-Pyramid Tracks, Stockholm Sweden

Hello all! Check out my good friend Scott McLaughlin’s webpage! He’s a brilliant composer and musician and artist and and and AND all around swell guy! If you need a film score definitely contact him. Scott did a string arrangement on one of my tunes on the upcoming album. It’s brilliant! Check him out!   Will Vernon-Filmmaker/Film Composer/Singer-Songwriter

  Award winning Composer/Percussionist/Keyboardist, Scott McLaughlin has composed music for national television, radio, short narrative and documentary films, podcasts and live applications. When composing an underscore, he strives to capture the emotional content of the characters in the scene. Story is the master. Scott has scored music for many local commercials and was awarded an ADDY award while with music production company, Music Trax- housed in the legendary Jay Howard Production Audio Studios. With Music Trax, Scott scored numerous projects working closely with local advertising agencies and clients such as Belks, Iveys, Duke Power,Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Carowinds and more.


      As a Drummer/Percussionist, Scott has toured the United States and Canada as the drummer for the Ice Capades. Some of the musical groups he has performed  with  include Little Anthony and the Imperials,The Coasters,The Sherrills, Martha and the Vandellas, Roger Miller,Johnny Tillotson, Chuck Leavell (Rolling Stones, Sea Leavell), T Lavitz (Dixie Dregs,Widespread Panic), The Panther Topcats,Rebecca Rippy, Sugarcreek, Flight 108, Charlotte Philharmonic Orchestra, Tosco Music Party House Band and many more. 

Telling Stories through Music.  

South Carolina


     I am continually in search of compelling stories to tell through television, film, podcasts or games. Technology makes it easier to collaborate. If you want music or sound design for one cue or an entire project, here is how we can collaborate.


  • Call, text or email me to discuss your ideas.

  • Send a script or time stamped MP4 file.

  • We will view and discuss the scene(s) using Skype or Whatsapp. I will import the MP4 into my DAW( LogicProX)  to view the footage and set Markers for future composing.. 

  • Once we spot the areas for music and/or sound design, I will compose music and/or SFX to match the style, mood, energy level and character emotion of the scene.

  • I will send you a wav file of the audio through WeTransfer or Dropbox for your thoughts..

  • If desired, I can import your MP4 and my wav file into my editing program;Premier Pro; and sent you a rendered copy with video and audio together for your perusal.Of course, I can share a music file without the video  to see if what I have composed has the suitable mood, tempo, instrumentation etc...

  • Once we have found the cue that furthers the story, I will mix and send you stems so that you may have the most control when you mix all the sound elements.

  • Let's chat to discuss your goals.

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